Pride & Glory Bundle 1

Zakk Wylde      

Pride & Glory Bundle 1

Pride & Glory CD
Pride & Glory Black T-shirt
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Track List:

Losin' Your Mind
Horse Called War
Shine On
Lovin' Woman
Harvester Of Pain
The Chosen One
Sweet Jesus
Troubled Wine
Machine Gun Man
Cry Me a River
Toe'n The Line

Found A Friend
Fadin' Away
Hate Your Guts
Machine Gun Man (acoustic bonus)
Mother Mary (alternate version)

These 5 additional tracks will be included on the DL Cards for a total of 21 tracks

The Wizard" (Black Sabbath cover)
Torn and Tattered
In My Time of Dyin'" (Led Zeppelin cover)
The Hammer & the Nail
Come Together (The Beatles cover)

Album release date is October 25th
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